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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-12
Analysis of OEM brand cosmetics manufacturer skincare secrets: simple maintenance 4 recruit < p> 2018 - of OEM brand cosmetics 08 - 20 18:00:02 < / p> fine work parsing of OEM brand cosmetics manufacturer, beauty must daub skin care products? The answer is no, 10 and maintain article introduces for you not beauty principle, use & other; In curing & throughout; Help you to rebuild healthy beautiful skin. Must be early to bed and early to rise, the first point to stay up late is not the future standard of judging a person health, is person's natural level. Sleep is the best one of the most important natural way, even more important than to eat. Many MM to stay up late, actually are routinely extend's ( 7 - - - - - - - 10 points) Boredom, playing a game like reading novels flirting with people chat, is not what to do, all be wasted energy, to get rid of! The beauty is sleeping. Dietary daily life regularly, pay attention to the pace of life, in a variety of hormones, enzymes and other biological activity material production coordination and relatively balanced, has some rhythmicity, is helpful to health. Second, develop good living habits, make body and mind all get rid of the opacity of preserve one's health of those over 100 old, absolutely have the habit of love clean, like to often clean the house, his hair neatly, clothes diligent & hellip; … Think about it, a whole body always not so clean opacity, her eyes would not cloudy, her thinking is not cloudy? People confused, is the thorough old, how delicious good medical are useless, for a long time past, not only damage the environment and the mood of others, more tragic is your body must be screwed. About sports. Exercise is a way of supplement blood gas yo. Yoga, swimming, walking, are good for the movement of MM. The spring and summer should raise the busy MM people go for a walk with respect to OK. After you fall, you can do something a little more complicated movement, such as ice skating, skiing, of course, and kiss her boyfriend or husband bed exercise also is very good the whole body movement. But also cannot too much, exercise intensity indicators: 180 & ndash; Exercisers age = motion of the expected number of pulse per minute. The third point, don't let yourself & other; Cold & throughout; Cold is the root of all problems. Cold woman poor blood lines, cold hands and feet and dysmenorrhea. Poor blood lines face grow spots, the energy of the body can't moist skin, the skin is not angry. No color + face is uneven, can good? More terrible is that our reproductive system is the most afraid of cold, once our constitution too cold, it will choose to grow more fat to insulation, our belly button will grow fat. Once enough warm blood, there's no need for the these fat, will automatically run the room. Fourth, to eat more fruit and vegetables, complement body easy absorption of moisture nourish Yin ( Not pure water filler) : eat less spicy, high salt, Fried food, food temperature neither too hot, nor too cold, the mood is good, eat pig's feet, Even if the stew is good, spicy) , fish frozen ( Scales frozen) , plastic flower, Is the fish maw) , tremella, chicken cartilage, shark's fin, etc. Drink at ordinary times, the best in the form of vegetable soup or tea, can make the water stay in the body better. After finished, still need to metabolization unobstructed, before and after the cycle is good, truly ready to nourish the work. The secret of metabolization unobstructed: low salt food, lymphatic massage ( Lower back rub hot hands massage, spur renal blood circulation) 。 Drainage nostrum: use a wax gourd, peel off, the pulp with melon seeds in the blender into juice ( Must use melon seeds, it is the most effective) , in the pot, such as sauce become greasy after add rock sugar, boil again, after cooling is a condensed. When eating with a spoon to make tea to drink. The above content is the life of OEM brand cosmetics, small make up to provide you with all kinds of information of beauty.
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