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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Introduces a cosmetics OEM products are need to put on record the cause of the < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM processing 08 - 23 17:51:17 < / p> everybody simple story of OEM brand cosmetics related knowledge about cosmetics OEM processing for the record. Why in cosmetics for the record? Because in the past because of lax supervision, cosmetics OEM brand is the most commonly used methods of excessive packaging, exaggerated effect, coined term induced by consumers. Now, for the record in the process clear specification of the goods brand, packing, description, the wording of the standard, thus eliminating the usual brands through brand, function, composition and other irregularities expressions to exaggerate, excessive packaging, consumer of misdirect of exaggerated product function effect. In addition, cosmetics manufacturers in order to meet the requirements of brands of OEM brand, at irregularities and illegal is added in the product composition, there were different in the process of filling the production without according to the standards become the norm. Manufacturers specification: the cosmetics manufacturer's qualification, production equipment, production technology, formulation quality with strict appraisal and supervision regulation, etc. In order to standardize product risk: for the record in formula took strict measures to review, are not allowed to change outside the industry standard, and add the standard formula system & ndash; — Source in series to eliminate product quality problems as much as possible risk factors. Through the cosmetics for the record, for brands and cosmetics OEM manufacturers and consumers have what use? 1, the brand product is in conformity with legal provisions of the state ( Legal) : according to the requirements for the record, both manufacturers and brands must have all the legal formalities shall be eligible to submit an application. In the aspect of law on the best interests of protecting the consumers' rights and interests, In the event of consumer disputes have clear legal hunting) 2, the cosmetics brand of OEM brand product is in line with national industry in the production of standard products: according to the requirements for the record, brands, manufacturers must be in strict accordance with industry standards for production, product packaging, logo, etc. , put an end to violations 3 without the product and the product, the good quality for the consumer to the greatest extent. 3, protect the interests of the consumers, to the greatest extent due to put on record to pass the strict censorship, as well as the review process will produce a great manpower and material resources, capital and time cost & ndash; — A disguised form of brands, manufacturers of enterprise strength raised high threshold requirement; For the general consumer filtered the 3 without a lot of have no qualification or cottage enterprises. Three quarters were benefits of cosmetics for the record, so we must be strictly implemented. Cosmetics products need qualified inspection report and related products for the record information, consumers can in the administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of its web site for a query, to maximize the protection of the rights of the consumers.
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