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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM manufacturer to analysis how to choose and buy some silk mask < p> cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer - 2018 08 - 17 17:58:07 < / p> cosmetics manufacturer processing understands from mask suppliers, silk mask have strong ablility, quality of a material is frivolous, hydrating repair promote the secretion of collagen, powerful whitening, UV resistant, anti inflammation, blain blister, etc. Silk mask the main raw material is silk fibroin fiber and activity. Good permeability, good water imbibition, after the United States and Japan is widely used in surgical wound dressings, burn wound dressings, helps wounds heal and no stimulation, is known for & other; Artificial skin & throughout; 。 1, mask manufacturing cost decided the mask effect you get what you pay for the mask processing industry is the truth, and a few dollars in the cost of the mask and a dozen or dozens of pieces of a piece of mask effect difference is very big, because the mask determines add raw materials cost, efficiency and level. 2, ingredient list ingredient list is the first step on the silk mask of choose and buy, how to see what ingredients add up to? What are the ingredients to add at least? processing teach everybody, ingredients in the previous is said to add up. A good silk mask should contain the Ming acid, vitamin C derivatives and other components, each component contains 3% is good silk mask. 3, careful with a crash in the efficacy of the mask to protect skin to taste to be cautious with all quick efficacy of the product, but the cosmetics processing manufacturer to explain here, is not deny all the rapid effect of products. Because there are some quick mask will add banned substances, these prohibited ingredients can be quickly improve such as spot whitening, fight inflammation and other skin problems, but there are a lot of damage for the skin. For approval number 4, countries with batch number of state health department has a department of inspection, how to check the batch number? OEM factory to check the batch number is to put on record of the Internet, in the record of the Internet will show whether the inspection by qualified products. According to wenzhou cosmetics OEM manufacturer understands, face film market is very large, and fast, mask consumption threshold is low, so a lot of brand manufacturers to do the mask.
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