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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Analysis has its own plant material how to looking for some cosmetics machining manufacturer < p> cosmetics manufacturers - 2018 08 - 13 17:57:40 < / p> sunrise industry, cosmetics industry is now at home and abroad trend is taking the path of sustainable development, environmental protection is preferred. So natural plants to protect skin to taste is particularly popular, especially the mask. Mask as cosmetics class FMCG, according to statistics, the average will take a week off 3 - per person 4 partial membrane. How big is film of face of the market. So you have your own plant want to do face film processing raw materials, to find how to cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer? 1. First of all, should choose to have technology research and development strength of the factory, give you analysis, by far the most popular products on the market, develop product 2 again. Factory should have plant extraction and application technology, can ensure that not bad plant effective components and the products. 3. The r&d team have the cosmetics manufacturer of senior industry experience, to ensure the stability of the product is done. In conclusion, if you have your own plant material want to do face film processing, must find the mask processing factory, the reasons are the following: first, the plant technology development center and the university institute of cosmetics depth cooperation, have a cosmetic generation processing industry more than ten years experience formula of the expert team, pay attention to product substantial effect, focus on research and development of plant products. Second, supercritical extraction technology, plant extraction by 20 years plant extract experts in detail, will be effective natural plant ingredients used in cosmetics. 3 all new product development, product safety testing, testing, stability testing effect, the effect of contrast experiment, after all tests and test qualified to marketed to customers, to guarantee all the products to customers, natural, safe, effective, product efficacy demonstration can be done, to be competitive in the market. Four, has a strong research and development of natural plant system, from the product analysis, formulation research and development, plant extract, testing and improving the quality tracking service to form a strong technology research and development system, is committed to serve every customer.
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