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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Americans do not love love online shopping < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:35:04 < / p> according to a U. S. consumer < strong class = 'keylink '> cosmetics with < strong class =' keylink'> beauty products buying habits survey, although there are consumers from buying online, but most of the products are from offline stores to buy. American consumers offline stores to buy frequency higher than that of online shopping, the reason is that 57% of the products do not tally with the actual color on the computer screen. The result is the network market research authority HarrisPoll based on 19 September to October 3, 2223 adults over the age of 18 consumers as an object of network questionnaire survey, released on December 1 questionnaire survey results. HarrisPoll investigation objects usually buy cosmetics and beauty products of high frequency, there are 2088 consumers. According to the survey, consumers in the decision to buy cosmetics and beauty products is the most important factor is the price. 87% of consumers according to the price decided to purchase. But the most important thing is that since 2014, when consumer is buying the cosmetics and beauty products, buy the highest frequency because need to directly experience so choose the offline stores. For example, buy hair products is 91% of the respondents serve chose in the offline store to buy, select in the entity shop to buy shampoo and conditioner accounted for 91%, 90% cosmetics, besides the effect with sunscreen to protect personal care products 89%, 87% is prevented bask in a product. According to the retail channel, the survey shows that large retailers in all overall cosmetics and beauty products ranks first purchase channels. Among them at ordinary times will pass, in the proportion of large retailers buy cosmetics hair products accounted for 59%, shampoo and conditioner (59%), besides the effect with sunscreen to protect personal care products accounted for 57%, sunscreen products 56%, 51% hair dye products. General retail stores the number followed by 50% of cosmetics, personal care products and basic < strong class = 'keylink '> 49% skin care products. At the same time to buy shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen products, in addition to have sunscreen sunscreen products outside of the personal care products, hair dye, and most of the products, such as hair products in the general stores, drug stores, grocery stores and other places of the big three. Especially in cosmetics and other goods to buy the place more diversification, common is there a drug store, 39%, 23%, department store cosmetics stores 23%, 22% online cosmetics monopoly store, etc. , large retailers (50%), and is called the top five retail channels. The situation of the online purchase frequency higher species have accounted for 40% of cosmetics, personal care products and after basic skin care products accounted for 34% of hair products 29%, 28% hair dye, the prevent bask in the effect of sunscreen products outside of the personal care products 28%. Another room sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner relative purchase frequency is low, at 22% and 17% respectively. Online retail channels with the highest frequency channel is popular online shopping mall and personal care products, 15% is prevented bask in a product is 15%, hair products is 14%, hair dye, 12% 12% perfume and conditioner. Surprisingly cosmetics and beauty products online store purchase rate is 22%, more than the online mall of the masses. But only 16% of people agreed on questionnaire compared to 2 ~ 3 years ago, the frequency of the popular online mall to buy cosmetics increased significantly. Because 57% of the computer screen color do not tally with the actual reality, for the first time is more inclined to buy products from offline stores to buy.
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