Aloe vera can really protect skin? Cosmetics OEM manufacturer to tell you.

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
Aloe vera can really protect skin? OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to tell you. What is aloe vera? Aloe vera leaves after cut produces a thick and clear exudate, usually mucoid, similar to the secretion of mucous membrane. After disinfection, sterilization and filter after get the aloe vera gel. Can directly as a commercial product sales, also can be made by aerosol dry powder. Mucus in 99. 5% of the ingredients are water, a 0. 5% of mucopolysaccharide, choline and bile salt complex. Polysaccharides mainly pectin, cellulose and mannose some sugar. Also contains amino acids, lipids and sterols. It is interesting to note that aloe vera and 1 PPM of arsenic, and 0 2 PPM of lead. 01 PPM mercury ( Hg) 。 And they are incredibly effective for skin care! According to dermatologists, aloe vera is the artifact for the treatment of burns. When the aloe vera gel dry after appearing, the polysaccharide content of the will form a thin layer on the surface of wound has protection membrane, thus protect the skin. The composition of bile salts has anti-inflammatory effect. WHO also recognizes the role for the treatment of burns. 'Aloe vera gel to treat 1 and 2 degrees temperature and radiation burns, use aloe vera gel can accelerate the healing degree for 2 kinds of burns and reduce gangrene. 'Aloe vera gel contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. Mechanisms related to the enzyme activation and inhibition of prostaglandin F2, composition of bile salts especially. That sounds good? It's a pity that aloe vera is useful only in certain conditions. About aloe products: a lot of emulsion containing aloe powder, cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to tell you, however, does not contain aloe powder recovery after 0. The WHO study confirmed this view. 'There is no commercial product is stable, the active ingredient in the storage life is slowly failure, fresh products is the fundamental. 'So most of aloe products on the market didn't we just mentioned the effect. Moisturizing effect, of course, still can have. If you insist to use aloe products, remember the following points. First of all, you should use the correct aloe species. Of course, you have to make sure that you really use aloe. Then again, aren't you make sure you use aloe vera rehabilitation, if there is the keyword 'juice' ingredients list, such as 'aloe vera juice' or 'aloe vera'. If composition table only wrote 'aloe vera' or 'aloe vera extract,' then don't cough up ~ the second, ensure a high concentration of product. Lotion will not, of course, contain 10 - Aloe concentrate of 70%, but there are products on the market to achieve the concentration. For example, Jason Natural super aloe vera gel. Though not fresh aloe products, but the result is right also. But it is not a substitute for the traditional moisturizing factor, because it does not contain moisturizing ingredients we mentioned above. Aloe vera is truly effective natural ingredients, but the premise is fresh and concentration is high enough. Most of the commercial products can't guarantee the benefits of the plant itself has.
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