Age level in appearance, glass cosmetic bottles, why packaging is the most fashionable packaging?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
Glass cosmetic bottles, far more than the advantages of plastic cosmetic bottles on the package with the improvement of people's living standard, the renewal of the consumption idea, economic attribute of consumption has increasingly weak, its attribute of social psychology has become increasingly obvious. Especially the rise of a new generation of young people's consumption ability, and by the level of cosmetics for the mainstream consumer market gradually formed. Glassware, as one of the main container of cosmetics packaging materials, also will then develop the huge market. Level in power in appearance, the glass is the trend of the product packaging is to protect the function and artistic aesthetic feeling of fusion, is the innovative combination of practicality and trend. But cosmetics bottles and packaging is different from other packaging market, it is paid more attention to the cosmetic bottle of temperament, conveyed by the appearance and the glass glittering and translucent get rid of the appearance of the visual perception and forms, can give a person a kind of tall, the feeling, and this kind of temperament is plastic cosmetic bottles. Along with the development of the cosmetics market, more and more cosmetics OEM processing enterprises want to develop, in the high-end market in such a market environment, glass cosmetic bottles are presented on the packaging of the advantages of much higher than plastic cosmetic bottles. 'At present, the international market of the skin care products packaging are glass products, texture, high grade. I think a lot of domestic cosmetic brands are gradually gravitate to high-end market, will increase demand for glass products. Plus glass can reduce carbon emissions, not only is a kind of environmentally friendly containers, containers and inclusions can not metamorphic deformation, permeability is not pervious to light, is a perfect did not respond to any component material of container, to adhere to the production of glass products packaging. 'Glass products in the field of cosmetics are promising, stick to the glass market. According to the blue always told reporters, the biggest advantage of glass is not to say that the price with others, but in the development, research and development ability and technology to compete. Draw lessons from the most popular element and the processing effect, understand the domestic market, to the market, is now the most fashion, the trend of packaging material. Category development of glass products, at the same time, the glass will points from concentrate, mask, foundation, such as traditional series suits to build the whole category of glass products. Private custom, create the beauty of the exclusive modern psychology research shows that emotion is the cognition and behavior of the brake, if the lack of positive emotions, people reason will be dormant, refused to accept outside information. Only touches the consumer psychology, trigger positive emotions, in order to get their attention, and further produce purchase behavior. So will give personalized, human nature, cosmetics manufacturer packaging in this type of merchandise packaging design fully embodies the noble feeling, sense of taste, artistic, fashionable feeling, make the consumers feel 'inevitability' emotional experience, we will be able to easily win customers and win the market. As the younger generation to become the main consumption in the cosmetics market, highlighting personalized products, is the urgent shift businesses and brands. In order to meet the growing demand for personalized, cosmetics manufacturer industry 'private custom' of the wind. Guangzhou HuaQi glass blue always said the free private custom products was introduced in 2017, don't need to open mold costs, create a glass to belong to. 'First of all, the popular trend of next year, from the concept of color to all want to, we now and cosmetics co-packer relationship is not just for its relationship with should be, but is able to provide to the concept of the most popular fashion to customers, and we can make the customized product, free private custom products, have to belong to their own characteristics, different routes with others. 'Blue always said.
Collectively, the effect of cosmetic design on industrial society has been to eliminate eyeshadow manufacturer and drastically reduce the time long associated with cosmetics solution.
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But we do think that reckoning with supply chains of cosmetic design is a really important step. Even super simple switches in material, or sourcing, or shipping, or worker benefits seems like good place to start.
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