After beginning of autumn, we should maintain our skin

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
After the beginning of autumn, the weather is hot and cold, morning and night temperature difference is big, no matter you are dry, oily or sensitive skin, movement in this season, are likely to encounter all sorts of different problems, only to form a good habit of skin care, skin can be as pretty as a fresh tomatoes. First, we need to know. Why is the skin dry autumn air humidity drop quickly, the temperature will drop, the skin to adapt to the process need a period of time, because there is no time to maintain or maintain undeserved, skin immunity will decline, causing dry and allergic phenomenon. And severe water shortages will complexion dark skin, make skin aging cutin layer. This time, and we will grasp the correct way to do it to start with washing water temperature. Some people is to compare lazy, too lazy to go get some hot water washs a face with cold water directly, also some people is oily skin, then wash a face with hot water. In fact, is the most suitable with warm water, not too cold nor too hot. So that we can make sure pore is stretched adequately, and won't make the skin's natural moisturizing oily cent lost too much. After clean face, remember to wipe wet protect skin to taste oh, don't be lazy, what all don't washing a face brush yo, that way, it's easy to over time, pore bulky, the skin becomes rough, then, we should be how to maintain our skin is the best one. Don't tear the skin with the hand, use a scrub particles chamfer simple product, if allergic skin, avoid to use grind arenaceous, use gel type 2. Finished with moisturizing spray must use moisturizers, lock in moisture to be effective, but also not the more the better, too much can cause skin burden 3 in the morning and evening all want to hydrate, evening human metabolism soon, filling water is very important 4 in the morning. Autumn mainly hydrating and moisturizing facial mask is the most effective fast, full of energy to skin autumn easy allergy or sensitive skin, so to avoid stimulus to the greatest extent, so products containing high concentrations of acid or alcohol, and scrub may damage the cutin barrier products will need to properly reduce the frequency of use. In addition, if there are easy to sensitive skin itself is very dry, it is not recommended for use often mask to skin to quench it, because it is easy to dissolve sebum membrane, resulting in the skin of other defence function drop and the cause of skin problems.
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