After autumn, skin care work to grasp

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
After the autumn, although the overall drop in temperature is not particularly evident, but the moisture in the air quietly changed, and it's obvious that start cooling, outside the room is hot as hell, all of these are important manifestation of summer to autumn, high and low temperature at the same time, to reduce the activity of sebaceous glands, let skin tension slightly, usual powder, dry powder, originally can be relaxed and comfortable all day, now become dry, grain, powder. 。 。 。 If you have the feeling that your skin in calling upon you, the update products ~. Skin care is like a journey, if you want to travel smoothly, and colorful, the strategy, to do well in advance to understand her, mining, she sure is most suited to appreciate her route. But, if you are a lazy man, like to, go like a handbag, then you can jump straight to the end of the article to look at the ads to protect skin, are all beautiful people a neverending journey. Autumn winter season, the skin also changed into the new style, waiting for you to conquer. Conquer her, there is a the most simple way, is the moisturizer. Although many skin care brand in the market, choose a suitable for yourself, protect skin to taste with good effect seems to be difficult! Don't know whether you use buy their own moisturizing skin care products is seen above situation? In fact many people have experienced spend high price to buy protect skin to taste, after using the skin not improved; Sometimes use skin care products, the face also slowly grow adipose bead. 。 。 These performance is trying to tell you may choose the wrong skin care products. Now many people blindly choose to protect skin to taste, the skin to add a lot of chemical/natural ingredients, meet the needs of our skin care. How many people are choosing to protect skin to taste will pay attention to its composition? Skin care products to protect wet effect is good, is sure need to add the high-quality natural moisturizing ingredients, due to the lack of understanding of chemical/natural moisturizing ingredients, so can't science choose to protect skin to taste! How about more skin care tips, fall and winter seasons skincare problems can be consulting XJ Beauty small make up oh, oh, hope the broad masses of women wanting a friend can be a good face the problem of autumn skin care, according to the small make up sorting method, maintain skin every day, believe that will be beautiful every day.
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