Advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign cosmetics processing plants

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-03

Advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign cosmetics foundry the development of cosmetics foundry in China has been more than 30 years.  

It can be said that it is gradually mature and the free competition market is transparent, customers all want to find a regular manufacturer to produce their own products.  They will find foreign cosmetics factories in China and also domestic factories. Let's analyze their respective advantages and disadvantages.  

Advantages of domestic cosmetics processing: 

1.The salesman of the domestic cosmetics processing factory can say that the customer is treating God, basically only the customer is from, as long as the customer's requirements are reasonable, basically can be satisfied. 

2.the order quantity of domestic factories, most of them are not too big, and the delivery time will be very fast, as long as the packaging materials are in place, it is basically a week or so. 


1.There are relatively few domestic manufacturers that can realize cosmetics automation, and they are basically semi-automatic.  Of course, there are also factories with more production lines, after all, the number of domestic cosmetics manufacturers is very large. 

2. The research and development capability is still relatively poor.  At present, domestic factories are still in the stage of imitation, but we must believe that with the passage of time, there will also be some factories with the strength to do research and development in China. 

The advantages of foreign cosmetics processing:

1. Basically, they are all automated production lines. Of course, some products are also semi-automatic.  

2. The research and development capability is much stronger than that in China.  There is a special market strategy department, specialized cosmetics Research Institute, subdividing cosmetics categories, studying lip products, facial masks, air cushions, emulsifiers, etc. 

3.The quality trust of foreign factories is higher than that of domestic factories: Relatively speaking, there is no service attitude of domestic salespeople. Customers are often selected. The requirements for customers are very high, and they also need to be well-known brands before they can cooperate. The delivery period is relatively longer, because the corresponding process will be more, the labor cost and packaging cost of the processing plant will be half higher than that of the domestic, industrial cosmetics semi-finished chemical raw materials, all are the same but higher than the domestic price, the cost of packaging materials is also higher than the domestic, the production cycle of packaging materials is still long, only suitable for their own factories, there is no certain choice of large factories. Can suit the rhythm of your own brand, with yourself, such a factory is also a choice.                                

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