Acrylic cosmetic containers of product safety problems

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-19
For enterprises, to a large number of using acrylic emulsion products, cosmetics packaging containers to though because fancy bottle shows a huge advantage in terms of appearance, but the fundamental reason is because of this bottle is very at ease to use, does not affect the safety of the product: a, ingredients, non-toxic harmless. Acrylic cosmetics container bottle is made of non-toxic harmless raw materials, so composition is non-toxic harmless, does not threaten human health. So can rest assured of its application in cosmetics daily necessities packaging, don't worry about it because of the bottle packaging material affect the health and safety of products, also need not worry about the bottle can cause adverse effects on human health. Second, the performance is excellent. Cosmetics bottles cosmetics manufacturer of acrylic containers has very excellent performance, the wear resistance, anti-aging performance is very good at the same time, also has good weather resistance, surface light is very high, high temperature resistant performance is very good also. So at the time of use, it is not easy because the surface friction, impact force, damaged, factors such as climate and the temperature on the structure and properties of can remain stable for a long time, in order to achieve long-term application, reliable protection products. The acrylic cosmetic containers are can be to match the light transmittance of glass, look from the vision at least transparency difference is not big, but its density is far less than the glass, only half of the glass, so is much lighter in weight compared with glass bottles. At the same time, this was not as fragile as glass bottles, even break, you won't like glass forming sharp fragments. Acrylic cosmetic wear resistance and aluminum containers close, so the surface is not easy due to friction appear obvious scar, but the glass under large friction, will be left a mark, and this in terms of resistance to chemical corrosion is also stronger than glass bottle. Acrylic cosmetic containers with good printing and spraying, can use the appropriate printing and coating process, such diversity on the surface decorative effect, and can achieve high aesthetic, it is glass can not be done. 446. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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