Acne removing small tips

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Acne is everybody in the youth have a common skin problems, cosmetics manufacturer factory survey found that the problem is not serious, some people think that because their acne soon subsided. But some people long blain blain do not fade, it is more annoying. Each person's body and skin have a lot of different, also always at different times have different problems, if you want or be troubled, comprehensive understanding it, remove acne small coup, believe there is always a way for you. Bitter melon slices after wash fresh balsam pear acne, and ribs stew soup to drink, don't put other seasonings, only need to put a little salt, boil for an hour is best, balsam pear contains large amounts of vitamin C and vitamin B1 / mineral, can qingrejiedu, has very good therapeutic effect to the blain blain, often drink with moisturizing effect. Bitter melon slices apply face also will clean balsam pear, and then cut into thin slices, frozen after the effect will be more better, and then wash it hard apply on the face, the bitter melon slice off after 20 minutes, insist on two or three times a week would be better, such not only can improve the blain blain, also can let the skin become more water embellish. White vinegar, acne removing white vinegar and water ratio is about 1:3, good after facial cleaning in the morning and evening every day can wipe their mixture on the face, about 5 minutes can wash clean with clear water, after a week you can see effect, will reduce a lot of blain blain, and the skin will become very tender, if you can always stick to it, it can improve skin give oil more, shrink pores. The acne removing method has many, but to choose a suitable and affordable method is better, but I believe that everyone in life there are many use heart, don't say it out and we discuss together!
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