About the cosmetics factory packaging regulations: document template packing detail

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14

according to the food and drug supervision bureau, said: 'on April 1, 2018 cosmetics enterprise production enterprises, in particular, all will issue a new license, etc. ; For the cosmetics brand, packaging, the replacement problem also nots allow to ignore. Because, in accordance with requirements of the new rules, cosmetics production enterprise existing packaging can be used to June 30, 2018, since July 1, 2018, the production of cosmetics label must be used for cosmetics production license information of the new packaging. '

new packaging label no longer use & quot; QS” Mark, after using the original production of cosmetics packaging labels, can continue to use within the shelf life.

cosmetics copywriting content are the requirements?

( A) Item description

by the commonly Trademark + composition/effect + attribute name 】 , which are carried out in accordance with the special cosmetics for special use cosmetics and the naming.

the naming of the special use cosmetics shall be based on the latest advertisement law and feed the drug safety xu 【 2010 】 72 cosmetics naming rules and the cosmetics manufacturer name guide for product name.

( 2) Ingredients

in accordance with relevant provisions of the 2016 version of the specification of the clutch to write composition, and according to the content from high to low order on the product packaging.

( 3)

products shall not be exaggerated propaganda effect, false effect; Ban express or implied the function and effect for the treatment of diseases, Including fungi, mites, poison, inflammation, sensitive, health class, in class, class, etc. ) ; Banning the use of medical terminology ( 廯 class, pain, hurt, hormone, physical discomfort, hair, etc. ) 。

( 4) Method of use, storage methods and matters needing attention

note, should refer to 2016 version of the security requirements of technical specification for writing.

( 5) Production enterprises and the actual production enterprise information

should include company name and registered address.

( 6) The factory 3 card information ( Three kinds of existing circumstances)

production license, the hygiene license; Hygiene license; The latest production license ( QS don't have to play)

( 7) Product standard no.

includes the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards.

( Eight) Origin

such as: guangzhou city, guangdong province, guangdong guangzhou

( 9) Shelf life

production batch number and limited use date see packaging or production date see packaging: in X, XX months

( Ten) Net content

use 'net content:' as the Chinese export.

( 11) Product quality inspection certificate: a qualification

in addition, cosmetics packaging ( Container) The maximum surface area is less than 10 square centimeters and net content is not more than 15 g or 15 ml, the logo can only indicate cosmetics name, producer name and address, net content, production date and shelf life or production batch number and date of use within a time limit.

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