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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-25
Cosmetics processing factory about Japanese and Korean brand cosmetics OEM rushed to grab the market < p > 2018 - cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 07 17:37:49 < / p > Japanese media said, in China's cosmetics on the market of OEM brand, Japanese Korean brands are strong. Kose, shiseido plot is a brand with the help of Chinese visitors to Japan, purchase and increase the rate of the recognition and favorable comment, South Korea's amore Pacific group has won wide support in the young consumers. According to 'Japanese economic news' reported on August 2, a department store in Shanghai, is located in nanjing west road, kose, Diane cosette brand counters, sells more than 10000 yen ( Us $90) A bottle of skin care products is quite popular. Is not only the Chinese tourists in Japan several thousand yen to buy a bottle of blasting & other; Snow muscle throughout fine &; , top brand day cosette also has many fans in China. Kose cosmetics companies in China general manager Mr Masahiro tomita confidently said: & other; In such aspects as moisturizing effect significantly the high quality of Japanese products is going to ( Chinese consumers) Recognition. ” She had been in China at present a total of 13 counters, the company plans by 2020 that figure increased to 30. Fei-fei shen living in Shanghai since a year or two ago enthusing about kose, when she was using set to travel to Japan as to buy back. “ Compared to European and American brands, ( Kose) More suitable for my skin. ” After she has been in the shop of Shanghai to buy the same brand products. According to cosmetics processing factory understanding, in 2017, about 7. 35 million visitors China to Japan, eight chengdu to buy the cosmetics. Stretching Japan's exports to China are major cosmetics enterprise performance. According to China's customs statistics, in 2017 China imported about $1. 2 billion of Japanese cosmetics, was 2, 2015. 5 times, is growing rapidly. Visitors to Japan, after access to high quality of Japanese products in the country's shop to buy trend is more obvious. According to the report, kose cosmetics companies other than performance is also very strong. Shiseido's business in China because he was produced in China and mid-range brand sales stalled as a result of the downturn, but the sales is very good. Due to the domestic production of cosmetics target demand that, since 2017, shiseido domestic production of skincare brand in Japan & other; Yi li silk & throughout; Also opened a brand stores in China. To 2020 years ago, the main brand & other; Shiseido & throughout; In China the experience of store will reach about 270.
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