A small tips fight wrinkles

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
Face wrinkles of victory is the normal phenomenon, we can't stop, but we can slow the growth of wrinkles, skin anti-wrinkle and personal diet and living habits are closely linked, what is the best way to resist wrinkles? 1, the forehead wrinkles: massage hands frequently wrinkles hint: horizontal lines on my forehead is a sign of a person is thinking. If forehead wrinkles incoherent, assumes the wavy, such a person will soon appear restless, may have a mental anguish, prone to depression. Coping approach: do happy things, relieve pressure for yourself, it's okay when stretching and massage gently with his hands on his forehead. 2, the cheek wrinkles: element of proper collocation wrinkles hint: cheek is the place of facial skin is more fragile, it's easy to see blood vessels. If the right than the left face of deep wrinkles, is probably the liver is bad. Cheek twill, check the presence of high blood pressure. If cure wrinkles on cheekbones, feet may be sick. Deal with method: on the diet attention hun vegetable collocation, can also often engaged in some exercise moderate movement. For facial skin itself, should pay attention to moisture and chamfer. 3, the wrinkles: eat more alkaline food lines hint: eye wrinkles is a sign of kidney and bladder expel toxins. A half moon wrinkles under the eyes, is a sign of kidney, bladder, and the heart sick. Response method: eat more alkaline food, drinking water. In order to make thin skin under the eyes is not premature relaxation, should use appropriate eye cream as soon as possible.
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