A new cosmetic brand cosmetics OEM: do need what charge

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
No matter what to do, first of all need to input to development, so do cosmetic brand. From scratch is a difficult thing, a new cosmetic brand upfront capital investment mainly includes: 1, registration fee, which mainly includes the company's business license registration fee, as well as the trademark registration fee, if you don't know much about it, find the local reputation, fame big agent company registration. 2, the raw material for production cost of most brands are composed of several kind of cosmetic items, unused raw materials used in the cosmetics manufacturer certainly is not the same, have different purposes, it also led to the difference between the price of different products. 3, processing fees this link is mainly calculated by single piece, such as a bottle of cosmetics processing fee. 5 yuan, the main process is the bottle cleaning and disinfection, filling, sealing, packing, encapsulation, code, packing, etc. If later the size, name, can look for the cosmetics OEM processing businesses, of course, this is another story. 4, qualified test fee will be required to produce each style in China cosmetics manufacturer should have clear record in detail, and for the record when you need to provide the product of the third party inspection report, there needs to be some testing costs. 5, packaging materials of packing on market now common cosmetic glass bottle, acrylic bottle, cleanser hoses, and cosmetics item outer, etc. That is you need a new cosmetic brand, if you have friends would like to venture, hope this article can help to you!
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