A mixture of skin care products or have been using a set of cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
Into winter, the air is dry, fog everyday, often can't help but touch their face, this handle, fine! Smooth! Elastic! Because wiped to protect skin to taste, skin is so good. Many women change constantly protect skin to taste, not only did not improve skin, and the problem is becoming more and more skin absorb nutrients need to adapt to the process, often transform brands, a variety of skincare ingredients is different, it is difficult to adapt to skin. To choose to suit oneself skin cosmetics manufacturer, not blindly follow suit, is not expensive skin care products will be good, the key is to fit his own skin, once you find suitable for their own brand of skin, it is best to use for a long time, such as skin along with the age, season, environmental change and then a corresponding increase or replacement. Generally speaking, a good skin care products, its item ( Such as facial cleanser, on the other hand, creams, etc. ) Raw material and formula has strong coordination and integrity. And when you feel it's not very suitable for you or can't solve the problem of skin now, also can mix or replace drops! Mixture of skin care products basically will not cause bad effects to the skin, instead can also complementary in the 'nutrition'. And replacing protect skin to taste, step by step, from water and milk to the final gradually switch to other skin care products will be safer. But from clinical experience, if you want to use a regular conscience brand protect skin to taste, that suggest that can use it as a set, because it will take into account the different formulations of raw materials, such as cleanser or moisturizer or sunscreen, the formula of the coordination, the integrity of a recipe. If your skin problems are single, can complete, than their collocation use effect is good. But everyone's skin is different, the skin problems will be different, often a set of skin care products can solve the problem is single, so that the skin of a lot of problems cannot be effectively improve, then you can choose according to the demand of skin care products. Mixture of skin care products basically will not cause bad effects to the skin, for a variety of skincare brand has its own strengths, has unique feature in skin nutrition, therefore a mixture of different brand of skin care products can also be complementary in the 'nutrition'.
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