A little mistake apply face film

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
factory found now apply face film got the favour of a lot of beautiful women, the mask on market has a lot of kinds, such as silk mask, tear pack and paste mask, but not into the mask of myth, or it will aggravate the burden of skin. What are the misconceptions apply face film? 1, apply a large number of mask skin absorb nutrients every day is limited, can not apply face film, if excessive maintenance can let the skin problems of excess, which blocked the hair follicle and sebaceous glands, cause acne and acne, adding to the burden of the skin. 2, use of sleep mask instead of a late frost, no matter how expensive sleep mask use, must be thoroughly cleaned before bed and daub on toner, can contain chemicals in sleep mask, bring certain stimulation to the skin, can cause fat grain breeding, even lead to skin moisture loss, reduce the skin to resist the ability of the bacteria, affect the ability to repair. 3, the blind pursuit of silk mask factory in order to attract consumers, will promote facial mask material, get the favour of a lot of young people. Mask quality mainly depends on its sealing capacity, actually only closed good mask can maintain stamina, recommend choosing non-woven mask. 4, for a long time to apply mask mask time control in 20 minutes, if long time rather than absorb nutrition inside, it will lead to dehydration of the skin. If you don't want to get rid of the mask can apply directly on the legs or arms. 5 grow blain on the face, still insist on using sleep mask mask appears transparent or translucent, suitable for oily and sensitive skin. Patients with dry skin cream mask should choose to have higher quality. People to the breeding of blain blain on the face skin is sensitive, if insist on using sleep mask may aggravate the condition, must apply daub after 20 minutes in a timely manner use clear water is rinsed clean, prevent clogging pores. 6, don't do a good facial skin clean and always frequent sticking face film can have metabolic cycle, with the extension of time, the accumulation on the surface of the skin will have a lot of horny, if not doing a very good job of purify is corneous, apply moisturizing mask, everyday will make cutin thick, make the skin becomes dry without burnish. Warm prompt apply face film can protect the skin, but also cannot too frequent, or it will bring certain harm to the skin. Can't blind choice, whitening function of the mask inside may contain fluorescent agent. As far as possible to purchase normal cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer production by the mask, do not covet petty gain. To do a good job in nursing facial mask after 20 minutes in a timely manner to use clear water is rinsed clean.
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