A good way to dispel pouch

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Beautiful eyes can let a person become really interested, a pair of beautiful eyes will speak, the eyes are the most don't lie to sell women age, especially when a woman arrived after age 30, sagging, subcutaneous tissue and water shortage, may appear pouch, eye bags and lie silkworm is under our eyelids, but lie silkworm can let a person look very sweet, and the bag is to let a person look without god. So in what form the bags, is there any way to reduce? In what form the pouch? Woman 'this three-step' every day, reduce puffiness show young! Bag 1, cucumber slices to pouch how purify pouch serious young women can face before going to bed at night around the eye skin with fresh cucumber slices, insist on every night, stick to a period of time can be easily and effectively relieve eye bags. Cucumber slices can be soaked in salt water, placed in the refrigerator for a period of time, and then take out the application, remove eye bags effect is better. Cucumber slices can also use apple slices, watermelon, papaya pills, and so on with the same moist effect of fruit instead. Daub 2, vitamin e, we can use vitamin e to blot out our eye, the true cortex of vitamin e can penetrate into our eyes and let our eye bags get down. 3, pay attention to the skin moisturizing can also help to a lot of beautiful eyebrow eye bag problems is pouch, eye dropsy and is due to an acute shortage of water in the skin dryness, resulting in eye skin problems such as bags, therefore, in the midst of skin care for skin moisturizing moisturizing is very important, especially around the eye skin moisturizing care, at the same time, the United States eyebrow to drink water, think that supply enough water in the body, to moisten eye skin care, to avoid the formation of eye bags. 4, go pouch to prepare the right amount of green tea green tea or green tea powder, with a small bag wrapped up, placed in the refrigerator cold, every night before sleeping, apply is in the eyes, can help relieve pouch problem effectively. Effect is very good oh, the United States eyebrow hurriedly try! 5, pay attention to nutrition supplement many girls are there will be a pouch, is due to their lack of nutrients in the body, proper nutrition can relieve eye bag problems. Eyebrow in the United States are, therefore, need to eat more at ordinary times some foods rich in collagen protein and dietary fiber, such as tomatoes, potatoes, milk, animal liver, etc. , can help the body compensatory and enough nutrition, away from the pouch. 6, medlar bubble water to pouch has the clear vision medlar the efficacy of nourishing the liver, commonly used medlar bubble water to drink can ease the discomfort, is of great help to remove eye bags. Ok, eliminate pouch little ways at this point, hope useful for everyone.
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