A cosmetic plastic containers material safety preventive

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-18
The stability of cosmetic plastic container packaging materials is very worthy of attention. A cosmetic plastic containers in the factory and circulation process may be safe, but when consumers use process, perhaps can be a problem. Such as affected by the environment of high temperature, the plastic bottles can maintain materials harmful not transfer. People repeated use for a long time a cosmetic plastic containers, how to make it same as factory will not change. Second, plastic cosmetic containers packing labels should be more able to let people know the relevant information of food. Plastic cosmetics container production is taboo and so on, should be more perfect and detailed. Second, the safety of the cosmetic plastic container packaging materials mainly for materials internal residual migration of toxic and harmful substances, dissolution and cause food contamination, because plastic charged easily, easy to adsorb dust impurities and microbes, formation of food contamination. But we can be assured that relatively commonly used food packaging plastic (PE Polyethylene) 页( Polypropylene) And PET ( Polyester) Because additives used in machining process is less, the resin itself is stable, their safety is high. USES plastic packaging, plastic known collectively as polymer compound, main basic material is synthetic resin, and there are packing main synthetic resin, plasticizer, flame retardant, pigment, antistatic agent, foaming agent, stabilizer, lubricant additives, through chemical processing of synthetic plastic containers, we see under the plastic packaging application in our daily life scene: polystyrene, PS, instant noodles, snack box, poly carbonate resin PC water bottle, water bottle, bottle, poly benzene diol esters, PET, water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle, cosmetic containers, PVC, PVC, steel tubes, electrical shell, plastic doors and Windows, leather, PP, PP, lunch boxes, modified materials, industrial microwave containers, PE, PE, food bags, tableware, plastic modification, high and low density polyethylene, HDPELDPE, cleaning supplies, bath products, plastic and so on. Commonly used cosmetic plastic containers in addition to the above several kinds of commonly used material, and AS or ABS class transparent colloid, PMMA acrylic material, etc. Of plastic containers used in cosmetics packaging than the big, more than 75%, the main reason in addition to fill in, the material plasticity, convenient transportation, such as density, printing, recycling is also considering the main factors of mass using plastic containers. , however, the shortcomings of your plastic containers are obvious, light resistance, low heat, melt resistance is the fatal defects of plastic containers, such as difference of main is not the necessary high temperature steam sterilization and light sterilization process. Its poor resistance to molten is the death of some cosmetics, some corrosive cosmetics will and plastic container directly produces chemical reaction, such as partial acid, lipid classes, the category of easy oxidation, great harm to human body, such as essential oils, makeup water and oil and perfume class cosmetics. Plastic containers of cosmetics, therefore, good choose pure white or transparent, causes four traits and avoid bottles is easy to observe cosmetics fuel dissolution formation pollution. In the various additional process of cosmetic plastic bottle, after these process makes some characteristics of the plastic bottle present a glass bottle packaging. Such as frosted plastic bottle packaging, so as to make the plastic bottle packaging looks similar to glass bottle. There are a lot of this kind of technology, there are also many with our merchants to mining. Improve plastic own temperament, also be possible in one direction, such as some health care products use a metal cover plastic bottles, and plastic bottle and chic design, make plastic bottle overall temperament is improved greatly. 408. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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