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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-24
Hong Kong beauty industry business practice guidelines issued < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:59 < / p> the consumer council to cooperate with beauty, the conclusion of the 'regulations for the beauty industry business practice set standards, let operators voluntarily perform beauty products and services, improve service quality and strengthen the industry consumer confidence. In order to effectively implement the code of conduct, founded the joint meeting beauty industry representatives, formulate long-term plans and monitor progress. Group has received 1. 4 million yuan of funds, combined with industry contribution, set up education and training funds, promoting best practices code, used to encourage the industry to carry out the. Council, said the beauty industry has developed rapidly, code sign industry in the new stage in terms of self-discipline. In the 2004 - 2005, estimated that consumer spending on beauty products and services in Hong Kong, as high as 2. 6 billion yuan. Cc Chen Huangsui director-general said today that have confidence in the industry, under the support of policy promoted, so as to strengthen Hong Kong's leadership in the Asian beauty services and products industry. Rules determine the scope of four best practices: the first is the service quality of the product, including the quality of facilities and equipment, beautician, service process, beauty equipment, products, and the safe use of materials, as well as the general standards of professional conduct. 2, to encourage the good promotion gimmick, increase price transparency, trading contract provisions to be fair and reasonable. 3, advance payment operating mode of standards, code prohibits oversold advance payment voucher, do not use high-pressure sales tactics, encourage careful management, and on the advance payment voucher printed on consumers. 4, to formulate appropriate and fair mechanism of consumer complaints and service commitments. ( Source: the Hong Kong government news)
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