90% of people don't know, original cosmetics also need maintenance!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Believe many girls have such misery, with well protect skin to taste, I don't know what happened, suddenly one day the whole smell and texture changed, really meng force, sorrow a rush! Not is say good shelf life is 1 year, 2 years, this just took long, say good interpersonal trust? Calm calm! Actually let skin too fast metamorphism, shorter service life of the culprit, not cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer, not a brand, and it is our own! Don't believe it? Look at the following points, you of? 1, like to protect skin to taste is put in the refrigerator freezer we often put some fresh fruit and vegetables, if after using the skin care products seal is not sealed, it is easy to lead to bacteria invasion soon spoil. And in and out of the fridge, protect skin to taste hot and cold, temperature difference will accelerate its early metamorphism, so, girls, hurriedly bring out your skin care products from the refrigerator! ! ! ! 2, habit to protect skin to taste in the 70% of the girls in the bathroom habits will protect skin to taste in the bathroom, because wash gargle is convenient, but the temperature of the bathroom often reach 35 ℃, humidity is also very heavy, easily lead to bacterial growth, so that protect skin to taste bad. 3, often in direct sunlight place some girls of the dresser, is often direct sunlight. When sunlight penetrates the screen window, the wind blows, it seems that the picture is really beautiful, but have you thought about your feelings on the dresser to protect skin to taste? Is often direct sunlight, very easy to get fat oxidation and spices, especially colour makeup product should avoid light preservation. 4, dismantled after the box directly to throw it away! I'm willing to bet that, at least more than half of the girls, after first use protect skin to taste, throw away the outside packing box directly! It is not good the dalai! Lights can also lead to protect skin to taste bad, especially glass bottles of skin care products, the scientific method is after each use, need to be put back in its box, it will prolong the life of skincare products. 5, lazy girl likes to protect skin to taste just pile up some girls a lazy, items will appear the phenomenon of random pile up, protect skin to taste a messy piled up together, it is easy to cause extrusion and collision, makes the liquid flow and change of texture. 6, wide mouth, big bottle packaging to protect skin to taste not understand properly keep preference wide mouth, big bottle packaging girl, must know how to keep your skin care products, after each use, be sure to tighten the bottle, don't let the paste inside come into contact with air, otherwise will accelerate deterioration. 7, hands, and use the brush pollution beauty girl, cosmetics industry information small make up now already gave you a chance to take care to protect skin to taste, oh to cherish. Men can also be transferred to his female ticket ( The wife) Have a look, so that protect skin to taste is broken, and let you buy buy buy. ( Don't mention it. I like deep work and name) !
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