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2020 New Trend Of Cosmetic Design

2020 New Trend Of Cosmetic Design


Beautiful cosmetic design has become a rigid demand for cosmetics industry! To attract attention of a new generation of consumers, we must start with visual "stimulation".


Beautiful cosmetic design is the purchasing power, "face value economy" is detonating the new potential of beauty! The coexistence of face value and strength has become the key to the success of beauty brands. New demands and new trends are constantly spawning new outlets in the beauty industry, as well as new beauty packaging needs and opportunities.


Beauty packaging has become a brand impression and has become a brand in consumers' minds. How can cosmetics use the shareholder style of "face value economy" to win the tough battle of product packaging?


The rise of small droppers and mini-packs to follow the cosmetic design trend and break out of the big market


The popularity and upgrading of beauty packaging is inseparable from market demand and trends.


In recent years, the continued popularity of the essence category has driven the production and innovation of essence bottles and dropper packaging materials. Dropper bottles make cosmetics, skin care products, and even hair care products look professional. Glass bottles and precision droppers allow users to fully control the dosage and usage. In this wave of consumer upgrades, the drops are full of technology, professionalism, and high-level sense. "Tube" type packaging quickly won consumers' favor.


Commodities have become smaller and have become an emerging consumption phenomenon. "One-person" products are promoted to new favorites, and mini-package cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular. The rise of mini packaging is closely related to the young women's beauty consumption behavior. On the one hand, they are more autonomous and happy in their consumption concepts, and on the other hand, they are gradually returning to rationalization.


Nowadays, it is already past the era of "for the sake of welcoming oneself". Pleasing oneself is justice. Saying good brand loyalty is nowhere to be seen, and consumers' "new taste" is undoubtedly revealed. After 95, the demand iteration is faster, the consumption frequency is higher, and the consumption stage is earlier. They are willing to try new products. Through the observation of the Xiaohongshu community, the makeup makeup that is currently popular in the post-95s is basically replaced by the month. The post-95s preferences for make-ups show the characteristics of "monthly throwing". Capsule lipsticks, mini perfumes and other mini versions worth playing Make-up is popular among young people.


It is worth mentioning that consumers are becoming more and more rational. Out of the emphasis on the quality of life, I hope that cosmetics can always be kept fresh during the use. Christmas countdown calendars that beauty brands are competing to launch every year have become a very good shopping choice. All kinds of anti-sky outer packagings are exquisitely designed, adding a lot of fun and surprise; star products, hot products 3. The limited edition products are all-inclusive. Although they are small in size, they can be used up in time, and all the experience is exploding. This form is very popular in the beauty industry.


Emotional empowerment of cosmetic design 


Establishing an emotional bond with consumption is especially important in today's cosmetic design market competition.


Consumer demand for early adopters of "new products" is increasing. The Nielsen report shows that more than 64% of consumers are willing to try new products just because of the innovative experience of packaging. What is even more surprising is that Nielsen found that an excellent packaging design that can attract the attention of consumers can achieve a return on investment of up to 50 times that of ordinary advertising campaigns.


Visual "stimulation" has become a way to capture a new generation of consumers, and establishing emotional connections with consumers is particularly important. Consumers tend to buy products that have an "attitude", a sense of identity, a fit of ideas, and an emotional resonance with themselves. Packaging has become an important carrier for enhancing brand tone and conveying brand emotions, which is especially obvious among young consumers.


Consumers who are pursuing "little luck" or "little luxury" are gradually increasing. Beauty brands should no longer stop at satisfying consumers' functional needs. They also understand consumers' language and use packaging as a carrier. Communicate with them to arouse emotional resonance and enhance identity.


Emotional consumer psychology is a major feature of IP. In recent years, "joint name" and "limited" beauty makeup have become the "new pursuit" driving force of the younger generation, and the trend of beauty makeup x IP will increase. In the new era, the beauty makeup crowd has shown its own distinct personality in the field of beauty makeup. Chasing dramas, watching movies, watching games, etc. are all favorite leisure and entertainment methods after 95, which also affects their choice of beauty makeup. They dare to try all kinds of beauty cross-border joint models, such as game style, palace style, and time-honored brand.


Taking beauty packaging as a carrier and injecting emotional temperature has become an important step for cosmetic brands to break through.


"Zero waste" penetrates into the hearts of the people, and the trend of environmental protection sweeps the beauty circle


In the beauty packaging industry, the momentum of sustainability, greenness and environmental protection is strong, and consumers' awareness of ecological environmental protection has increased.


Refillable packaging is gaining momentum. Luxury brand Hermes has recently launched a series of refillable lipsticks, and refillable beauty products have become a new beauty product trend.


Kantar Consulting observes that consumers will be “willing to spend more money on socially responsible brands”, “pay more for a healthier environment and services”, and “more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development". This also points out the direction of development for consumer companies. Only by embodying the value of the brand and winning public praise can it sustain the development of the brand for a long time.


The environmental protection of product packaging materials has become one of the important factors influencing consumer decisions. As Mintel pointed out in "2030 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends", in 2030, products and services should focus on zero-waste claims, replacing beauty products with environmentally friendly packaging, and even strengthening the concept of "zero waste" on product ingredients will Favored by consumers.


More and more consumers are willing to pay for ethics or values, requiring cosmetic design brands to make tangible changes. Beauty packaging companies have begun to work hard on environmental protection, such as reducing the application of non-recyclable plastic materials, accelerating the development and use of green degradable materials, carrying out empty bottle recycling operations, and increasing the utilization rate of cosmetic packaging materials.

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