10 minutes is completely absorbed, fresh yeast redefines skin care-XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-10
Established in 1999, xj beauty is a large-scale cosmetics company integrating research and development, production and service, covering the OEM/ODM processing field, and has established a research and development center and production base with advanced level in the industry. Xj beauty has been committed to the research and development of high-quality skin care products, and has cooperated with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University to develop biological cosmetics with fermentation technology, which breaks through the traditional formula, using selected high-quality plants as raw materials, combined with modern science and technology for fermentation and purification, the ancient and modern wisdom is perfectly integrated into skin care products. The fermentation products are directly used as cosmetics, and chemical components such as traditional emulsifiers, preservatives and foreign flavors are no longer added for the second time, taking you to experience the brand-new revolution of skin care products. The company has successively passed ISO 9001 quality system certification, ISO 14001 environmental system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety certification, ISO22716 European Union standard for cosmetics and GMPC cosmetics good operation standard certification, it is one of the few excellent enterprises in the cosmetic industry that have passed the five-system certification. In November 2013, the company became the first cosmetic enterprise in Huadu to win the title of 4A standardization good behavior issued by Guangdong provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision. And won the honor of National High-tech enterprise in March 2016. Completely absorbed in 10 minutes, fresh yeast redefines skin care. Fresh yeast facial mask is different from the macromolecular structure of traditional chemical facial mask. High-tech nano-level enzyme micro-molecules are more suitable for facial skin, and can quickly penetrate into the true cortex and the bottom layer of the muscle, it only takes 10 minutes to be completely absorbed by the skin. 'Leaven' stops the time and rejuvenates. Studies have found that these nanoscale enzyme differentiators can increase the water storage capacity of the skin, deeply moisturize, promote skin microcirculation, and regenerate the skin.
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