10 features prove that this oem cosmetics foundry is reliable

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-01-02
The operation mode of oem cosmetics substitute factories is especially common in the cosmetics field. So, how can we select reliable cosmetics substitute manufacturers among many manufacturers? XJ cosmetics company has summarized the 'Ten characteristics' of reliable OEM factories based on many years of experience in cosmetics factory audit. On the one hand, it provides power support for OEM enterprises that are being upgraded, at the same time, it also points out the direction for brands to find excellent OEM enterprises. So, now let's look at some features. The first item: obey the law and accept orders according to the actual situation. As a reliable cosmetics OEM factory, you must first obtain the production license and relevant qualifications of the corresponding production unit according to law. All documents of the production enterprise shall be within the validity period, and there shall be a special way to inquire and verify the validity of the certificate. Mainly include: business license, cosmetic enterprise production license, ISO 22716 certification, GMPC certification, etc. The production of special cosmetics should also have special qualifications :( For example, aerosol manufacturers must obtain a 'safety production license'). If a manufacturer without corresponding production qualification is entrusted, it will be investigated and dealt with by the regulatory authorities, and goodwill will be damaged, which will not pay for the loss. The second item: the manufacturer's hardware is excellent and production is guaranteed. As a reliable OEM manufacturer, it should have the basic hardware facilities that must be possessed by cosmetics manufacturers. The better the hardware facilities, the more powerful the maintenance, the more appropriate and safe the corresponding production environment can be provided. For example: plant, production equipment, production workshop, etc. The third item: the software is not soft and the management is perfect. For a reliable OEM enterprise, the best choice should of course be an enterprise with excellent management. The stronger the management ability of the enterprise, the higher the efficiency and the faster the response, the more timely it can cope with the rapidly changing and complex market environment, a qualified OEM enterprise should at least be able to meet the conditions of employee management and production management in terms of management ability. At the same time, for the deviation and unqualified in the production process, it should also be able to control as follows: in the production process, authorized personnel should analyze and study the rejected items, including sampling inspection of raw materials and packaging materials before entering the warehouse; Control the reworked materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and have authorized personnel to check to verify their conformity. Non-conforming products shall be stored in separate areas with clear labels and marks to distinguish them from other materials. The fourth item: scientific expertise, full monitoring, reliable OEM enterprises should have basic testing capabilities to ensure the ability to monitor the entire production process of cosmetics in a timely manner. Laboratory operators can only take up their posts after training and obtaining corresponding qualifications; Laboratory instruments and equipment should be kept clean and tidy, and all reagent labels should be complete and clear; The finished product of the sample should be stored in the corresponding temperature and humidity according to the characteristics of the product, and there is a designated storage area. Item 5: OEM factories with complete standards and timely and reliable updates should also have basic knowledge of cosmetics production, especially raw materials and finished products related to cosmetics and various inspection standards, and can ensure that these standards and regulations are currently valid versions. When the customer is negligent, the factory should be able to remind in time. Item 6: customer property, properly protected and reliable OEM factory production will more or less involve customer property, such as customer's packaging materials, especially information with customer's own intellectual property rights. A good OEM factory should ensure clear accounts, timely inventory, and protect customer property. When necessary, keep customer information confidential and protect intellectual property rights.
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